Your Safety - Our Concern

Safety Tip

As a driver, you have to share the road to keep traffic moving safely. You must be predictable and do what other road users expect you to do.



1.  to learn basic skills and safe maneuvering in traffic

2.  to develop a good driving attitude towards other drivers sharing the roadways

3.  to upgrade driving ability of students already having a GDL Class 5 license

4.  to eliminate bad driving habits and systematically instill good ones

5.  to bring driving ability to a point where student is reasonably safe and should
     or could pass a government approved road test by completion of in-car training

6.  to obtain a Notice of Driver Education Course of Completion to enable students
     to legally claim a reduced insurance rate with any Insurance Company.


Beginner’s Course

Course for GDL Learner permit holder

       - 15 hours in-class training lectures

       - 10 hours of in-vehicle training

   In-class Training - you choose in person OR online

- in person training lectures offered monthly

            - 2 days, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-4:30pm

            - at Meyer’s Driving School #102, 5910-50Street Leduc

            - located in the SAME building as the Leduc Bingo. Meyer’s has a SEPERATE
ENTRANCE near the far end of the building with our sign above the door.

            - bring learners permit and a pencil.

      - Online training lectures

            - contact the office anytime by email to start your online program.

   In-vehicle Training

           - 5 two hour lessons

           - scheduled in-vehicle lessons to be completed after lectures are completed

           - balance to be paid prior to the first in-vehicle lesson

           - MUST have current Operator’s License at each lesson

           - MUST have any corrective lens wear at each lesson

If you live within Leduc, Calmar, Devon or Beaumont the Instructor will pick you up and take you home after each lesson. However, alternate meeting places may be arranged.


Attendance Requirements

       - student must attend ALL in-class lectures

       - student must attend ALL driving times set on a specific schedule

       - if a student misses an in-car lesson, for reason of illness, the lesson will be
         made up at no extra charge long as prior notification was given to Meyer's
         Driving School was notified prior to the lesson.

       - if a student misses a lesson without notification or if student misses more than
         one lesson, he or she may be charged the current commercial hourly rate to finish
         the required hours to complete the course.


Rental for Road Test

       - rent vehicle for Class 5 GDL road test which was used for lessons

       - course or rental does not included the cost of AB Transportation road test


To Register

Contact Meyer's Driving School Office

        - Phone: 780-986-4861 on Monday OR Thursday  9:00am–4:00pm

        - email: