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Safety Tip

As a driver, you have to share the road to keep traffic moving safely. You must be predictable and do what other road users expect you to do.

New To Canada

If you are a New Resident or Immigrant who recently moved into Alberta may use a valid operator’s licence from outside of Alberta for the first 90 days of your residency.

You must apply for your Alberta operator’s licence and surrender your
old licence within those 90 days. It is illegal to hold more than one valid
operator’s licence.

An operator’s licence from another jurisdiction within Canada is accepted as
the same Class without testing. Applicants for Class 1, 2 or 4 licences must
provide a medical report and undergo a vision screening. United States licence
holders other than those in Class 5, 6 and 7 must complete all requirements.
Upon application, you may be required to provide documents to prove
residency. For details, inquire at your local registry agent’s office.

Are you under 18?

If you are under the age of 18, and are making an operator’s licence
application for the first time, your parent or guardian, who must show
proof of guardianship, must accompany you to a registry office to sign
consent on your licence application.

Remember a parent or guardian has the right to withdraw their consent in
writing at any time until the person reaches the age of 18 years. If they do,
the operator’s licence will be suspended.

The signature of your parent or guardian is not required if you can prove
you are married or self-supporting.